Nestling in the mountains, a small building full of history ....

Buron de Bâne an unusual stay 1400 m above sea level

Departing from the Auberge des Montagnes, we invite you to enjoy a beautiful and invigorating 2 hour walk on foot or using snowshoes in winter, to reach our buron on the mountain of Bâne. Here, in the summer, the shepherds, who guarded their herds of cows and made Cantal and Salers cheese once lived!

In love with their region and their traditions, our family wanted you to share their passion by discovering their hidden treasures and to live an original adventure.

Under the stars in the Cantal

Sleep closer to nature

1400m above sea level, unusual accommodation on the roofs of the Auvergne volcanoes!



Prestigious setting at the foot of the volcanoes of Auvergne

spend a night under the stars in the shepherds' huts by choosing one our different formulas.


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